Why Would You Want A Hotwife?

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January 8, 2022
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January 10, 2022

Have you ever considered immersing your wife in total physical pleasure?
Just imagine how much she would enjoy herself.
As a hotwife, your girl can slowly get lost in ecstasy and enjoyment as the sensations of pleasure overwhelm her. And you can watch! Imagine each and every part of her mind, body, and spirit feeling so fulfilled, pleasured, and aroused.

sensual hotwife being the center of attention

What is a Hotwife?

Every woman loves feeling sexy. She adores being the object of raw desire and wants to be the center of attention. Like all women, your wife loves when the person giving her their full attention wants nothing more than to make her feel good.

It’s a beautiful, blissful, indulgent experience for her. This is what it means to be a hotwife.

In the most basic sense of the definition, a hotwife is a married woman who enjoys herself with multiple sexual partners. She is ultimately fulfilled and encouraged by her lover to pursue new sexual experiences. Truthfully, a hotwife is something that all women want to be. Why wouldn’t she?

Think of how good your wife feels when there’s nothing else on her mind because she’s completely submerged in sexual pleasure. Consider how freeing it might be to let herself go and forget about everything else just for a while. For that moment, her daily stresses are gone. A hotwife gets to enjoy that freeing experience all the time. Why wouldn’t you want your wife to feel that way?

Why Would You Want Your Wife to Do This?

What’s your favorite part of watching your wife climax? Is it the slow build? What about the excitement that takes over?

Isn’t it a beautiful experience to watch her pleasure build and multiply, whether her eyes are wide open and watching or shut tight with delight? Can’t you almost feel the soothing flood of orgasm taking her to a beautiful blissful place? It creates a sublime joy that fills the room.

Being a hotwife has nothing to do with love.
It isn’t even adoration.
This is pure carnal physical gratification.

If your wife has expressed interest in becoming a hotwife, why would you stand in the way?

Are you happy when she’s happy? Are you the only person in the world that can make her happy?
Just because that happiness comes from a source outside of your relationship doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with it.

Remember, this isn’t about love.
It is totally possible for a woman to love someone with all her heart and still enjoy an evening of lustful fun with another person. You don’t have to allow the bond between the two of you to be shaken by a few hours spent enmeshed in pleasure with someone else? Haven’t you ever imagined (or occasionally desired) sex with someone besides your spouse?
Doesn’t everyone? Why would she be any different?

hotwife enjoying herself with a new partner

Sexually Indulging Your Wife…and Yourself

Do you gain pleasure from your wife’s pleasure?
Does her smile make you smile? Does her joy make you joyful?
Seeing your wife so turned on, eager to please, and dying for pleasure should turn you on.

Then, let your wife have what she wants. Allow her to feel good, even if that means that someone else is doing the pleasing.

If your wife wants a little time to be sexually indulgent with someone else as a hotwife, why wouldn’t you welcome this? Don’t make the decision that your wife’s sexual satisfaction should have limits that start and end with you?

Sexually indulging your wife, even when you aren’t with her, can be the start of new and healthy excitement in your relationship. Don’t you want your wife to enjoy herself, all the time? Even when you aren’t with her?
Doesn’t this happen all the time anyway?
Enjoying a great conversation with great company is something your wife already does without you.

Do you think she could enjoy sex with someone else, too?

Are You Holding Your Hotwife Back?

Are you someone who believes it’s inconceivable that a woman could enjoy sex with someone besides her husband? Does a marital vow mean her vagina can receive pleasure from you, and no one else? Does the thought of another cock feel like a threat?

Remember, this isn’t about love.
There is no reason why you must oversee all of your wife’s sexual pleasure. Despite what society has led you to believe, partners can and do enjoy sex outside of their relationship. And, they still love each other more than ever!

Don’t allow the idea of doing something new or better to scare you enough to fit into the societal mold.
Resist the feelings of jealousy or competition and know that your wife’s pleasure is all that really matters.

If you love each other and trust each other, you can do this. You can have a hotwife.
If you’ve pleasured yourself to a woman being pleasured by other men (in other words, if you have ever watched porn) you can do this.
If you understand that sexual pleasure can be completely separate from love and commitment, you can do this.

You can agree to let your wife go out and play without you. She can be your hotwife.

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