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July 24, 2020
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Some people find the happiness and support they need in a monogamous relationship, while others…don’t. The spectrums of love and sexuality are vast, and everyone needs a space where they can explore their desires freely. For those interested in polyamory, joining polyamorous groups can be a great way to find that community. Here’s how to get started.

Polyamorous Couples: The Basics

Polyamory, which may also be referred to as a consensual open relationship, is healthy and beneficial for the right couple. Having more partners at the same time means receiving more support on emotional, spiritual, and sexual levels. No partner feels pressured to be everything for the other, so you may feel a level of freedom practicing polyamory than you would in a monogamous relationship.

That said, managing multiple relationships can be challenging. Time management is an important skill so you can balance time between your partners and yourself. But polyamorous people who find that balance often can’t imagine their lives any other way, despite the work that comes along with it.

Being poly means developing skills that make you a great communicator, lover, and friend. You have to consistently practice things like honesty, trust, patience, etc.

Some people consider polyamory as an excuse to cheat on their partner or to “fix” problems in their relationship—and they quickly learn that this is a mistake. Polyamory, also known as ethical non-monogamy, requires strong morals and discipline. Most people struggle a little bit with things like jealousy and honesty, but if they are big problems for you, it may be a good idea to seek counseling before jumping into polyamory.

Where to Find Polyamorous Groups

As ethical and beautiful as polyamory is, we have a ways to go before it is completely accepted in our society. Of course, this means that not everyone in the non-monogamy community is open about their lifestyles—so finding communities and dates on the typical apps can be difficult.

Luckily, that’s why sites like SwingTowns exist.

SwingTowns, also called the World’s Friendliest Dating Site, is home to millions of people practicing non-monogamy all over the world. By signing up for a FREE membership you can get access to:

  • Local poly groups and communities
  • A pool of hot poly couples and open-minded singles near you
  • A calendar detailing poly events and meetups in your area
  • Much more!

Poly relationships can happen whether you’re single or already part of a couple, and chances are great that you’ll find people out there just like you! A monogamous couple can be perfectly healthy and in love and still wish to open up their relationship. It’s often just a preference that gets suppressed by social conditioning and shame. The thing to remember is that monogamy is no more ethical than non-monogamy and vice versa. It’s all about the respect you give to your partner(s), the boundaries you set, and how hard you work to meet each other’s needs.

Of course, making the transition is not often easy. That’s why it’s a really good idea to join polyamory groups even if you’re just considering non-monogamy. By meeting people like you and hearing their stories, it will be much easier to tell if poly life is for you. You can also make friends, ask for advice, and find support among like-minded people when friends or family don’t understand you.

Join polyamorous groups near you.

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