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August 19, 2020
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The pandemic has changed the world as we once knew it. Everything is a little bit different now. Some of it, like sex and dating, can be a lot different depending on your circumstances. If you’re not social distancing with a sexual partner, the risk for infection while dating is high when you’re not taking the right precautions. That’s why a lot of people are turning to their devices. And no, we’re not talking about porn (though that’s certainly an option).

We’re talking about virtual sex.

The new age of virtual sex

It’s no secret that popular apps like Snapchat and WhatsApp have been adult playgrounds practically since their inception. Sexting, video sex, and even fetish role-play are all common uses of these platforms for couples and singles who like to get creative with their sexual desires and fantasies. Technology was always headed in this direction, and has taken some surprising turns. For example, certain VR sites offer adult games and 3D porn for those seeking sexual entertainment. The pandemic has only sped up the growing popularity of these avenues for personal pleasure.

Basically, there’s never been a better time to explore virtual sex–especially casually.

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Swingers, friends-with-benefits, kinksters, and even polyamorous people will find that technology provides an excellent space for sex that can be safe and fun. As long as you take common sense into account, and follow virtual sex safety tips, there’s very little that online hookups can’t accomplish.

Signing up for a free alternative dating site (or downloading an app) gives you all kinds of possibilities: video masturbation calls, phone sex, BDSM, role play, sexting, or even porn watch parties.

To get started, all you have to do is find sex partners.

The best place to do that is Also called “The World’s Friendliest Dating Site,” SwingTowns has a community of millions from all around the globe who are looking to make friends, hook up, or explore exciting kinks and fetishes. With a platform that keeps things simple and sexy, SwingTowns offers all kinds of features:

  • NSFW pictures
  • Detailed bios
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  • Tons of kink, swinger, and fetish specific groups, many catering to specific geographic locations
  • Super useful blog articles that can help you navigate non-monogamy and explore your sexuality/fantasies
  • Hot giveaways often featuring sex toys and apparel
  • Much more!

In short, SwingTowns is the place to go for anyone that is active or interested in non-monogamy and casual sex. Best of all: signing up is easy and FREE.

Grab your membership now, or learn more about how to make social distancing sexy.

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