Uncovering the Top 4 Sexual Fantasies

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April 8, 2022
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Despite sex being everywhere in our society, many still tend to remain tight-lipped about their own sexual fantasies. This is primarily related to the fear of shaming commonly associated with the things that turn you on. And, it’s unfortunate. 

Everyone has sexual fantasies.
Some could be considered totally wild, while others are a little tamer. 

But, “no matter what the fantasy is, it’s completely normal!” says sex coach Gigi Engle

And, that’s why we need to be talking about them. 

In this article, we’re sharing some of the most common sexual fantasies of all time. Do you share any of these?

couple in bed exploring their sexual fantasies

What are the Top Four Sexual Fantasies?

There are so many different sexual fantasies. And, while many people find themselves feeling ashamed for having them, many sexual fantasies are shared by millions. Here are the four most common.

1. Sex with Multiple Partners

Whether it’s swinging, pursuing a threesome, or enjoying a full-blown orgy, multi-partner sex is an extremely common fantasy. Some sources estimate that nearly 70% of the population has at least some interest in sex with multiple partners at one time. Multi-person sex is definitely an entirely new sensory experience and one that many people would like to try. 

2. Mixing Pain and Pleasure

Mixing domination and pain in with the pleasure of sex is another incredibly common fantasy. Most of these sexual fantasies fall into the category of BDSM, and it’s estimated that upwards of 96% of women have some type of interest in them. When fantasizing about mixing pain with pleasure, it’s bondage, discipline, submission, and intense sensations that attract most people. 

3. Voyeurism and Exhibitionism

One of the biggest turn-ons for many people, especially men, is the idea of watching someone (or being watched) in an intimate situation.

Voyeurism refers to arousal caused by watching an unsuspecting person in an intimate situation, like undressing or having sex. Exhibitionism sits on the other end of that spectrum and results in arousal caused by being watched. 

While this is another very common sexual fantasy, you should only act upon it in situations that are 100% consensual. 

4. Having Sex in a Public Place

Another common sexual fantasy includes the desire to have sex in public or an outdoor location. This can a difficult one to pursue though, especially in the US where public sex is illegal. Nonetheless, the fantasy is still extremely arousing to some. This is mostly related to the novelty of having sex in a risky place.

Some of the most common places fantasized about include: sex in a hotel, in nature, in an exotic location, in a motor vehicle, and in a public setting. 

couple in bed playing out their sexual fantasies

When Did You Last Explore Your Sexual Fantasies?

Do you share any of these common sexual fantasies?
Do you even know what your sexual fantasies are?

It’s so important to tap in with yourself, without fear of being shamed, to explore your biggest turn-ons. This is one of the best ways to guarantee your own sexual fulfillment. 

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