Top Tips to Start Swinging with Your Partner

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December 3, 2021
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December 5, 2021

Do you want to start swinging but don’t know where to begin?  That’s okay!  Everyone had to start somewhere and you’re living in time when swinging has never been easier!  The internet has afforded us the opportunity to learn more, share more, and get more from the Lifestyle!  Here’s how to get started:

Establish the Rules Before You Start Swinging!

Talk with your partner about what both of you are most comfortable with before you start swinging. It is easy to get excited about fulfilling your sexual fantasies together and overlook the important things — the things that can cause immediate conflict within your relationship. For example, do you and your partner plan to stay in the same room together during a swap? Is there a sex move your partner does that you want to remain only for you?  Are you uncomfortable watching your partner with someone else?

Connect with Other People in the Lifestyle

Connect with other swingers by joining an online community.  Swinging communities will allow you to meet real, local swingers in your area for free.  All you have to do is signup for your free account.  Afterwards, you are instantly connected with swingers near you!

Be Discrete & Cautious About Social Media

While online, attending/hosting a party, or meeting another couple for dinner, be discrete.  Most couples in the Lifestyle prefer to keep their swinging and vanilla lives very separate. Doing so protects them, their partner, and their families.  That said, social media outlets are giving more and more of your information away everyday.  Using vanilla sites to coordinate Lifestyle events can be damaging. What if the “event you are interested in” isn’t listed as private and your entire family sees you are “interested in” a nearby hotel takeover?  Will that unwanted outcoming damage your family or career?   This is why we only recommend using communities designed specifically for connecting with other swingers.

Get Sexy!

Before your upcoming swingers clubs party, or weekend getaway, do something to treat yourself in a way that will make you feel sexy.  Get something new for yourself, have your haircut, or learn a new move that you can’t wait to try! Dress up! Wear attire that meets the rules of the club you are attending — and prepare yourself for the party!

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