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Are you the type of lover that aims to please? 

Whether it’s agreeing to a threesome, indulging a foot fetish, or engaging in some mild bondage, indulging your partner’s deepest desires and fantasies can be just as satisfying for you as it is for them. After all, they say it’s so much better to give than to receive. So, if you get off on getting your partner off, make sure to keep reading. 

Believe it or not, fantasies and fetishes are a normal, healthy part of sex play and intimacy. And, foot fetishes are some of the most common.

Did you know that besides the obvious genitals, a person’s feet are the most sexually arousing part of the body? In fact, 1 in 7 people admits to fantasizing about feet at one time or another. If your lover has shown interest in feet during sex play, they might have a foot fetish. And it might be time for you to give them what they want and need in the bedroom.

Here are tips for indulging and satisfying your lover’s foot fetish so you can make all their podophilia dreams come true.

woman showing off for foot fetish

Understanding Foot Fetishes

Understanding your partner’s true desires is step one in achieving pleasure, satisfaction, and increased intimacy. If you don’t know what a foot fetish is, how can you indulge your lover in their naughty needs?

What is a Foot Fetish?

To put it simply, a foot fetish is a sexual attraction to feet. People with this type of fetish are sexually aroused by the look, sight, feel, smell, and sometimes, taste, of feet. And, this fetish comes in all different types and ranges from a mild fascination with feet to a more intense desire to worship feet (in other worse, grovel at your feet – literally). 

Mild foot fetishes are relatively harmless and usually involve lots of foot rubs and foot pics. As things progress though, your partner may ask to lick, suck, or fondle your feet and toes. They may even ask that you to sexually stimulate their genitals using your feet. 

Some foot lovers also have a kinky side that appeals to foot worship, and this usually involves a certain level of humiliation or domination. For example, they may get off on bowing down to your feet, pampering them, or having you push them around and demean them using your feet. 

At the end of the day, you should only engage in foot play that makes you comfortable or gets you sexually aroused as well. No matter how badly you want to please your partner, performing sex acts or foot play that makes you uncomfortable will negatively impact your relationship and could create feelings of hostility or resentment. 

couple experimenting with foot fetish

How to Indulge your Partner’s Foot Fetish Fantasies 

Now that you know a little bit more about what a foot fetish is, let’s turn our attention to ways that you can meet your partner’s specific needs.

Talk About It 

First things first. Before you can start indulging your lover’s foot fetish, you need to find out what makes them tick. What is it about feet that drives them wild? Some foot lovers are attracted to beautiful, manicured toes or sexy footwear while others prefer dirty feet wrapped in bondage rope. 

It’s time to open up the lines of communication and find out what type of foot fetish your significant other has. Ask them for all the dirty details. The more you know about what turns them on, the more you’ll both get out of the experience. Your interest in their foot fetish may also act as a turn-on and make your lover feel more comfortable about opening up and being honest about their fetish.

Explore Foot Fetish Material Together

Since foot fetishes are so common, there’s plenty of material available for you and your partner to explore together. Start by visiting a foot fetish website like Funwithfeet. Here, you can view foot pictures and videos in a variety of categories from footwear and accessories to dirty feet, bondage feet pics, and specific parts of the foot (heels, toes, ankles, etc.). 

Spend some time scanning through these photos together. Watch as your partner’s eyes light up with delight or they squirm in their seat with pent-up sexual energy. You can also watch foot fetish porn videos that depict different sex acts involving feet. Watching the videos alone may be arousing for you both and afterward, you can use this content as creative inspiration for your own private encounters. 

Get Hands-On

Or should we say feet-on? 

You’ve talked about it.
You’ve explored content about it.
Now it’s time to take things to the next level. 

Choose a few foot fetish activities to do together. Start with something mild and non-intimidating like giving each other foot rubs or massages using scented oils. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, opt for flavored or edible lubricant. This way, if your toes look good enough to eat, your partner can safely swap their hands for their mouth and tongue as they tend to your feet. 

It’s also common for foot lovers to enjoy genital stimulation with their partner’s feet. If this is something you’d like to explore, ask your partner get into a comfortable position on the floor or bed. Then, start exploring their body with your bare feet.

Use your toes to grip and fondle those sensitive curves of their body. Rub, press, push, and stroke whatever you can get your feet on! You can perform this unconventional sex act while your partner is clothed or naked. But remember, there’s something especially sexy about skin-to-skin content. The soft, sensitive skin on the bottom of your feet will feel incredible against the tender skin of their genitals and other erogenous zones. 

Try Experimenting

Bondage and BDSM foot play are also wildly popular for those who prefer more intense and kinky sex play. If you’re willing, let your partner bind your feet in a variety of positions using bondage rope or restraints. The mere appearance of your beautiful feet wrapped in tight rope might be enough to send your lover into a frenzy of sexual arousal. 

You could also try a role reversal where you’re in control. Let your partner worship your feet by bowing down to them, kissing them, and letting you push them around. There are plenty of people who get sexual pleasure out of being dominated and humiliated, especially within the foot fetish community.

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