The Lies You Should Never Believe About True Swingers

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October 23, 2019
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Not everything you hear about True Swingers is true

There is quite a difference between the picture painted by movies and mass media and the reality of True Swingers and how they live their lives. It is pretty common to imagine these couples being part of massive orgies every chance they get. Even if this might be the case for some individuals, it is not the standard. People that opt for this lifestyle usually have a main relationship they want to nourish and go out to places where they can do everything together, even having fun with other partners. But, each of these couples or even single women, referred to as unicorns, have their own rules.

Maybe you are imagining that all swingers are old and weird. Of course, this is not true at all. When you begin doing some research on this matter, you will discover that there are swingers of all ages, but that most of them are well into their thirties and look just like everyone else you see on the street, in regular clubs, in restaurants and even at your workplace. Another lie you might be tempted to believe is that swingers all want to swap their wives during fun encounters. This is again a misconception. Some of them do prefer this type of activity, but it is definitely not a given. Each couple has their own rules, which makes them unique in their own way. That is why it would be recommended that you don’t assume anything when you meet someone new.

  1. Personal health and healthy relationships are not one of the true swingers’ concern

You might have been told that swingers will sleep with anyone, anywhere at any time, without taking any measures to protect themselves from any diseases they might contract. They don’t care about their health, especially when it comes to STDs is what you might believe about this type of community. Well, the truth is that these people, especially because they are interested in swapping partners in certain conditions or meeting someone new every week, they are particularly careful about tests, condoms, and everything else that might prevent them from getting sick or spreading illness.

At the same time, you might learn that by having fun with true swingers, you will damage your relationship with your partner. Again, this is a lie because when it comes to couples, engaging in this kind of activity will only make your whole relationship better – if your entire dynamic is a healthy one. But, when things between you are not that great, turning to meet new couples is definitely not going to help your relationship get better, but will simply highly the toxicity that is lying underneath it all. That means that it was all damaged in the first place. People that come from a happy place are more likely to enjoy this whole experience, especially when it is something that they want to do with their loved ones.

  1. Women don’t have a word to say about swinger clubs

If you believe that women go to swinger clubs because their husbands want them there, you have another thing coming. When it comes to swinger couples, women are the ones that lead the way. They are the ones that initiate contact with other couples and give the OK to carry on with fun activities. This is the way it works. This simply means that the female participant is actually the one that gets more attention and the one that is most likely to have a positive experience during it all.

Another lie you will come across is that you won’t find single women in this kind of club. Again, the reality is completely the opposite. Some women will come to a swingers’ club to have some liberating fun. They are called unicorns because these women are a rarity in this environment, but they do exist and are more than welcomed by the community. At some point, you might even learn that true swingers are all perverts. This is a lie as many women will tell you that they did not have any “groping” experiences in this kind of clubs, but they had to deal with many perverts in regular clubs or pubs.

  1. Cheating is a given when it comes to swinger couples

All swingers are in open relationships. But are they really? This is not a fact you should believe about these individuals. What you should keep in mind is that they don’t just give their partner the option to be with someone else, from a sexual point of view. If they do something like this, they usually do it together. They experience something new together, even though it might happen in a different room. Either way, as part of such a couple, you should not expect to be with your significant other and whenever you feel like it, to have fun with someone else without telling your partner. A swinger does have the chance to enjoy other partners, but only with the consent of its significant other.

Now, when it comes to the belief that these couples cheat on their partners, this is something you should get clarity on. Of course, there are situations where one of them might go and be with someone else without communicating with their loved one about their intentions. But in most cases, having a healthy relationship and engaging in this type of activity requires a high level of honesty. To ensure that nothing comes between them, the two people that are part of a swinger couple will need to talk about their activities openly, especially the ones related to getting in bed with someone else.

As a swinger, you can cheat, but it is the same as with monogamous relationships where something like this happens. Your partner will surely act the same in regards to cheating, regardless if you go to swinger clubs or not. Before you decide to try out this way of life with your loved one, make sure that you learn more about the myths or lies that are meant to give you the wrong perspective. Set rules and always pay attention to each other’s cues.

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