The Erotic Lifestyle: Protecting Your Relationship

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July 3, 2022
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When exploring an open erotic lifestyle, you must be aware of how your actions and decisions can affect those around you. Erotic intimacy is about consenting adults exploring their sexuality through spontaneity, creativity, and imagination in a safe and consensual way. The important thing is that both partners are comfortable with whatever activities they engage in. When handled correctly, erotic intimacy can enhance your relationship to new heights of emotional connection as you reveal core aspects of yourselves to one another through your sexuality.

The erotic lifestyle is not for everyone. For those who decide to live it, it can be a fulfilling experience, so long as you respect the rules and boundaries that must be in place. Choosing to join this lifestyle is a big decision. Make sure you do your research and understand all that it entails.

If you let your sexual desires control you in the heat of an erotic moment, it can lead to all sorts of problems. The stakes are high when you open your boundaries in an exclusive relationship. Make sure you come to a mutual agreement about what you’re both comfortable with before pursuing an open relationship. That way, everyone knows what they’re getting into and there are no surprises. With a little communication and planning, you can enjoy all the benefits of an open relationship without any of the drama.

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Becoming aligned

To begin, you must ask yourself “why” you desire to open up the relationship and be clear and explicit with each other regarding what the “purpose” of joining the erotic lifestyle is for each of you.

Therefore, there is less anxiety and vulnerability around questions like “Do we have a problem I don’t know about?” and “What are you looking for that I cannot provide?”. When these questions are answered, emotional safety is created, allowing free exploration without worrying that something is missing or “I don’t have what my partner wants.”

Direct, unfiltered communication

In a conscious relationship, you can be passionate lovers and best friends. You can also enjoy the erotic experience together. When you build a relationship based on mutual trust and respect, you open up a whole new world of experiences. You can explore your sexuality without judgment, be true to yourselves and find new levels of intimacy, and discover new things about each other and yourselves. When you have a strong foundation of trust and respect, anything is possible.

Are you willing to discuss all topics openly, or do you have a tendency to censor specific topics?

What are your natural desires, wishes, fantasies, and sexual arousal needs?

What should be discussed before an erotic encounter takes place?

Confronting conflict

In any relationship, conflict is inevitable. But in a healthy relationship, conflict can be an opportunity for growth and deeper intimacy. In the erotic lifestyle, where relationships are often more fluid and open-ended, it’s even more important to have a healthy process for resolving conflict. Otherwise, small problems can quickly escalate into larger ones. So what makes for a healthy process?

First and foremost, it’s important, to be honest with one another. If you’re feeling upset or frustrated, don’t bottle it up. Instead, talk about how you’re feeling and why. Second, it’s important to be respectful of one another’s feelings and needs. Even if you don’t agree with your partner’s perspective, you should still try to see things from their point of view. Finally, it’s important to be willing to compromise. In any relationship, there will be times when each person has to give a little bit to find a resolution that works for both of them. By following these simple steps, couples in the erotic lifestyle can minimize conflict and create a stronger foundation for their relationship.

How do we respond positively when breakdowns or disconnects occur?

If a conflict or disagreement arises, how will we resolve it? For example, concrete steps you and your partner will take regardless of what happens.

When it comes to our differences in interests, likes, and preferences, how will we handle them? 

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Sexuality and eroticism: what is the difference?

When it comes to intimacy, it is important to understand the difference between sexuality and eroticism. Sexuality is often about quantity, duration, quality, and performance. In other words, it is about how often you have sex, how long it lasts, and how well you do it. On the other hand, eroticism is about desire, imagination, creativity, and connection. It is about giving your partner soulful and sensual pleasure. While both sexuality and eroticism are important, neither is sufficient to have a fulfilling and satisfying relationship that meets the needs of both parties. Instead, it is important to find a balance between the two.

Is there anything you would like to pursue alone, together, with others? 

Are there any types of erotic experiences that turn you on/off that you want to explore?

What type of erotica would you like to see more/less of in your relationship?

Where are you most comfortable on the monogamy-polyamory spectrum?

Creating clear boundaries

For any relationship to be successful, it is important to have clear boundaries. This is especially true in the swingers’ lifestyle. To keep it healthy and fun, there must be mutual understanding, clear communication, and explicit discussions about what is and isn’t allowed. All of these elements are delicate and need to be carefully considered for the relationship to be successful. Clear boundaries are the foundation of any relationship and are essential for a healthy and happy erotic lifestyle.

What am I comfortable with and uncomfortable with?

How can I feel physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually safe? 

What would decrease anxiety or uncertainty about any part of the experience?

Honoring agreements

 If you want to maintain a healthy relationship, you need to know exactly what you’re signing up for. It’s not just about formal rules – it’s about mutual respect and permission that you have agreed upon. Choose to protect your partner and the relationship you value by honoring these agreements. That means being honest with each other, communicating openly, and respecting each other’s boundaries. It also means being willing to work through difficult times and committed to growth and healing. By following these guidelines, you can create a strong foundation for a lasting relationship.

Strong couples are built on a foundation of trust and mutual respect. When couples in the lifestyle share their fantasies, needs, and desires with one another, they create an even deeper level of intimacy and connection. This type of vulnerability can be scary at first, but it’s also incredibly exhilarating. When couples use their erotic experiences to enrich their relationship, they often find that they have a much stronger bond.

What specifically are we agreeing to do and/or not do and why? 

How do we handle situations where things don’t go as expected? What do we do when there are misunderstandings or breakdowns?

Is there a procedure we should follow if we want to modify the agreement?

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Deepening the connection

A healthy, enduring relationship depends on preserving the integrity and sanctity of your love, regardless of where you fall on the erotic scale. As a general rule, erotic lifestyles are not meant to replace anything, but to enhance existing relationships that are already stable and fulfilling. A “ritual of connection” can also be used after an erotic playtime for ensuring that you are learning, growing, processing, and evolving together as a couple through this lifestyle.

In our experience, many swingers find that their relationships are actually strengthened by their participation in the lifestyle; they just need to be careful not to let the erotic element become all-consuming. When it is kept in its proper place as one part of a larger whole, there is no reason why an erotic lifestyle can’t be a helpful tool for preserving and even deepening the love between two people.

Which ways do you find most fulfilling and meaningful to connect with each other?

Can your partner take specific actions to communicate the way you experience love and connection? What are your primary “love languages,” or how do you experience love and connection together?

Are you going to have any rituals of connection before and after your erotic playtime?

So, if you’re thinking of diving into the world of conscious kink and erotic exploration, be sure to do your research and set some ground rules first. And most importantly, have fun! The sky is the limit when it comes to exploring your sexuality in a safe, consensual way with someone you trust.

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