The Difference Between Nudists and Swingers

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In today’s society, nakedness is so taboo that we very rarely encounter it. Most have never even seen another naked person in public. It’s for this reason that the different types of public nudity are misunderstood and confused. 

Take nudists and swingers, for example. 

These two groups of people are incredibly unique and have very different reasons for being nude in public, yet the terms are often used interchangeably. 

In this article, we’re breaking through the confusion. We’re giving you all the info on nudists and swingers, and who they really are. Then, we’re sharing the top differences between them to help you find the best one to identify with. 

Nudists and Swingers: Who are They?

While stripping down in public is something that all nudists and swingers enjoy, that’s almost the only similarity they share. Besides the nudity aspect, these two groups of people are very, very different. 

A nudist is a person who enjoys going naked wherever possible. They embrace the nakedness of humans as a natural and beautiful thing. However, there is nothing sexual about their reasons for being nude.

This is the biggest difference between nudists and swingers. Swingers, on the other hand, do enjoy being nude in public. Swingers also enjoy the sexual aspect of nakedness, too. These people often participate in partner swapping and group sex scenarios and center their nudity around the sexual side of things. 

naked woman who loves being a nudist and swinger

The Main Differences Between Nudists and Swingers

As you can see, nudists and swingers are quite different. They have different reasons for their public nudity, and can even include different populations of people. Here are the main differences to help you understand who nudists and swingers really are. 

  • Nudists Could Include Families

Sex is not on the radar for most nudists. In fact, many nudist locations even welcome families with children. This is because AANR (the American Association for Nude Recreation) strictly forbids overt sexual behavior in public. And, locations registered with AANR must adhere to these rules.

For the most part, nudists (who are also commonly called “naturists”), simply enjoy being naked. They participate in lots of different activities, including swimming, playing volleyball, and eating from the Potluck without any clothes on, just because it makes them happy. 

  • The Swing Lifestyle Centers Around Sex

While many nudists shy away from public sex, the swing lifestyle centers itself around it. You will not find children or families present at swinging events, which are much more likely to be adult-oriented. While swingers also enjoy embracing their nakedness in public, there is more depth to their nakedness and total acceptance of human sexuality. 

When attending a swinger event, you can expect to find alcohol, public sex, partner swapping, and even orgies. These events are not family-friendly but are still filled with fun, enjoyment, excitement, and nudity. 

naked woman in bed as a nudist and swinger

Are You a Nudist or a Swinger?

Knowing the difference between nudists and swingers is incredibly beneficial for figuring out the label you want to fall underneath. It’s also important to know that, just because you see a naked person in public doesn’t mean they’re open to a sexual advancement. 

Would you consider yourself a nudist or a swinger?

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