Swinging and the Coronavirus: How to Make Social Distancing Sexy

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2020 may have brought some crappy surprises with it, but it’s not time to stow away those dildos just yet. There are still plenty of ways to enjoy the swinger lifestyle from home while following every CDC recommendation and doing your part to help #FlattenTheCurve (PLEASE: heed EVERY CDC recommendation… and wash your damn hands)! 

For anyone worried about swinging and the coronavirus, these are our best tips.

Swap Videos and Pics

As swingers, especially first timers, your first instinct might be to go straight to a club or host an orgy in your home. But there’s plenty of fun to be had virtually too!

Sexting and Skyping can be very satisfying, low-pressure experiences that you may enjoy just as much as a physical encounter! Think about it: you and your partner can meet up with another hot couple over video and give each other a sexy show without having to worry about things like how your breath smells or whether your perfume will be off-putting. Best of all, you can still incorporate things like role play, kink play, toys, and whatever else gets you hot, right from the comfort of your own home. The execution might be a little different, but who knows? Maybe your creativity will spark some sexy ideas that you can use when things calm down and everyone is allowed back onto the scene!

Speaking of sexy ideas, here’s another one you and your partner will LOVE: get out your best lingerie, open up a bottle of wine, and have sexy photo shoots! It’s a cute (and hot) bonding experience that will give you lots of great new pics to share with other couples and spice up your SwingTowns profile. It’s also great for foreplay!

Host a Porn Watch Party

You’ve probably heard someone mention the Netflix Party Chrome extension by now. It’s a downloadable browser application that allows you to privately stream Netflix movies with your friends, and chat with them while it’s happening. Pretty cool, right? 

Well we’ve got something even better!

Instead of sitting around the house in FOMO misery because those swinger events you were dreaming about got cancelled, get in touch with your play partners for a private porn watch party. That’s right: there’s an extension very similar to Netflix Party that allows you to watch anything with friends online, including porn! It’s called Kast and you can get it for free here. *


It’s good for you, it may help you discover new fantasies to explore with partners later, AND it’s a fantastic way to ease some of that pandemic-induced stress. Do it solo, over video, or with your S.O. 

Have Phone Sex

The best thing about SwingTowns is its community. With millions of members coming from all sexy walks of life, you’re sure to find others who have all the same fantasies and kinks as you do. Why not find some friends to have phone sex with? 

This one is obviously a little easier one-on-one, so it’s a great idea for our cuckold readers or anyone else that’s into cheating fantasies (or if you just have a very open relationship)! Everyone has their own turn-offs and ‘ons so if this idea interests you, talk to your partner and make some plans. For example: maybe your partner gets on the phone to masturbate with someone you’ve met on SwingTowns and you “catch” your partner while they’re finishing. Just make sure the person on the other line is in on it too!

If you really think about it, you’ll find that there are quite a few possibilities here!

Work on Your Stamina & Flexibility

Come back from this virus with a stronger sex game! Learn some new yoga moves, dance along to your favorite songs on YouTube, pump that booty with a fun squat challenge… the possibilities are endless. Bonus points if you do it as a couple! By the time your favorite swinger club opens back up, you’ll be able to move and bend in ways you never have before. 

Take This Time to Learn and Reflect

Regardless of where you are in your swinger journey, it’s a good idea to slow down from time to time and think about things. Are you getting everything you want out of the lifestyle? Maybe you and your partner are ready to take things further than you ever have before. Now is a really great opportunity to have those discussions with your S.O.

You can also take this extra time to do more research about the lifestyle in general. What undiscovered fantasies are out there for you to explore? What new positions can you memorize and try out on your swinger friends when you are able to play with them again? 

Whatever you do, know that the virus doesn’t have to bring your sex life to a hault. If anything, it can give you the creativity you need to take things to the next level!

* PSA: we don’t know what Kast’s terms of use are, so try this at your own risk! 

Photo credit: sakkmesterke, 123rf.com

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