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December 8, 2021
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Did someone mention swinging and it left you wanting to know more?   Swinging is an intriguing lifestyle that often leads everyone to wonder “What is it?” and “Why do people do it?” I honestly don’t think we can’t help being a little curious about swinging.  The word itself is  impossible to ignore.  Whether you are new to the lifestyle or if curiosity got the best of you, I’m happy to help you explore with our ultimate cheat sheet to start swinging!

How Common is Swinging? 

I mean, are there really people near me doing this?

Millions!  There are millions of people who identify as a swinger AND it is estimated that one in every three couples are involved in the lifestyle!  It is exciting to think about — especially when you are standing in a crowd of other couples!

Why do Couples Start Swinging?

Every couple has their own reason for swinging.  Some couples swing to spice up their sex life.  Other couples are involved in the lifestyle because they don’t find monogamy easy, it isn’t natural.

What are the Rules to Swinging?

There are no “one size fits all” rules to swinging. Every couple and club has their own rules for what they allow, or don’t allow.  Communication is key!  Ask your partner, read the rules for the club(s) you attend, and always ask for consent before sexual activity.

Where Can I Meet Swingers?

While one in every three couples are swinging, that doesn’t mean they want to be approached at work or during little league practice!  Most swingers like to keep their vanilla life and swinger lifestyle as separate as possible.   The best way to meet swingers is on SwingTowns! There, you can connect with other swingers online, or find a local event near you!

If I Attend a Swinger Club, do I Have to Participate?

No. You do not have to participate. We have never encountered an event/club that didn’t have strict “no pressure” and consent policies.

Swingers who attend, but don’t participate in sexual activity with other members, are called “soft swingers.” Soft swingers are very common in the lifestyle.  These couples enjoy the atmosphere, flirting, watching other couples, and go home with their partners turned ON!

Are ALL Swinger Wives Bi-sexual?

Although the ultimate male/husband’s fantasy usually begins with his wife kissing another woman and him being privy to the experience, no, not all swinger wives are bi-sexual. Swingers are made up of people from various sexual orientations. Not all wives are bi-sexual and not all husbands are heterosexual.  This is why consent is important.  SwingTowns welcomes members of all sexual orientations and alternative lifestyles to enjoy wife swapping.

Is Swinging Cheating?

Cheating, at it’s very core, is a dishonest act.  Swinging promotes and allows open-honesty.

Learn How Swinging Can Benefit Your Marriage

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