Should I Use Protection for Oral Sex?

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October 17, 2022
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Everyone knows the importance of practicing safe sex and using protection when having sex with someone new. However, there is not much discussion surrounding the best ways to use protection for oral sex. Did you know that protection exists for this kind of sex?

In this article, we’re talking about the different options that exist as protection for oral sex. Then, we’ll be discussing their importance, and the best ways you can utilize them to your advantage. 

What Options Exist as Protection for Oral Sex?

There are two main protection options that exist for oral sex, and they both work very differently. Depending on the person you’re going down on, you will need either a:

Using a condom for a blowjob works exactly the same way as using a condom for penetrative sex. 

  • Dental Dam

Dental dams are useful for providing a barrier between the person performing oral sex and the receiver’s vagina/anus. 

girl using protection for oral sex

Is Protection Recommended for Oral Sex?

There is no shortage of conversations surrounding the importance of using protection during penetrative sex. But, when was the last time you heard someone talking about protection during oral? Because of the intimate skin-to-skin contact experienced during this activity, the risk of spreading diseases is definitely high. This is why most experts recommend some sort of barrier as a means of protection for oral sex. 

Thankfully, in today’s day and age, there are so many different protection options that exist in simple, ready-to-use packages. And, oral sex can still be heavily enjoyed when using a condom or dental dam. 

How to Properly Use Protection and Still Enjoy Oral Sex

For some people, one of the biggest concerns surrounding condoms or dental dams is decreased sensation. They’re worried that they won’t enjoy the experience as much as they would without a barrier, or that fumbling with protection will ruin the mood. Here are some helpful tips for properly using protection and still enjoying the fun. 

  • Take Advantage of Lube

Lube can be extremely helpful for reducing any friction between the rubbery surface of a condom and your partner’s skin. Try experimenting with different lube options (did you know flavored lubes exist?!) to reduce the friction and increase the flow. When giving a blowjob, you can also try adding some lube between the condom and your partner’s penis. 

  • Put Your Hands to Work

If you’re only using your mouth during oral sex, then you’re not doing it right. Your hands are your best friends here! Use them to take your partner’s pleasure to a whole new level. Try wrapping them around the base of your partner’s penis, or inserting them into her vagina. The added sensations will only drive them crazier and increase the excitement between you both. 

  • Try Varying the Pressure

While the possibility for direct contact is reduced when protection is added, there are still ways to improve the way things feel. Use your tongue and fingers to increase the pressure, change things up, and drive your partner totally wild. 

SwingTowns Has All the Tips for Safe, Enjoyable Sex

Enjoying a safe sexual experience doesn’t have to be a challenge. That’s why we share all the tips on maximizing your enjoyment here at SwingTowns. To find more tips on keeping yourself (and your partner) safe during any sexual experience, feel free to browse our blog where we share all the steamy tricks that most people are too shy to talk about. 

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