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If weightless foreplay and penetration were possible, would you try it? And how would you react to a partner having complete control over your body? Most people fantasize about those things, wishing for gravity-defying orgasms and safer lovemaking sessions. But since humankind can’t sprout wings, we invented the sex swing instead. So, suspend your inhibitions and push the limits by considering something new.

What Is a Sex Swing?

A sex swing is a seat made of straps that hangs from your ceiling or doorway. You’re supposed to sit in it, restrict your arms and legs with cuffs, then receive pleasure from a lover at their whim. Swinging sex seats help partners achieve difficult positions without getting hurt. Use them for experimenting with different sensations or sex toys. And unlike stationary sex furniture, these usually offer 360-degree access to the honey pot.

Swings for sex can provide countless options for suspended “animation.” Meanwhile, your partner enjoys a powerless sensation that’s suitable for bondage and other roleplaying games. Most manufacturers urge you to wear a blindfold and use luxury pleasure devices when playing. But that’s because sex swings help create an unmistakable experience that you have to feel to believe.

How Do They Work?

Swinging sex chairs come in all shapes and sizes. Plus, some are more complicated than others. So, always check the box for a fully assembled product illustration. Then read reviews to determine whether you can install it at your house. Remember, you can’t hang a sex swing from specific ceiling types. And if you try it anyway, you can’t hold the manufacturer responsible for damages.

Next, check the weight limit. Most suspension products can only handle so much mass. That means you must reinforce the hardware or find new ways to play. But many retailers carry heavy-duty sex swings for full-figured people. So, follow these three steps when you’re ready:

Step One: Let’s Hang

Unless you buy a wall sling, your purchase probably features a strap or loop for the ceiling hook. You can read the owner’s manual for directions on finding and using it. However, don’t expect any hardware in the box. Usually, you have to buy the supplies for installation separately. But heavy petting requires durability. So, screw hooks and O-rings into sturdy beams, then screw your partner like a pro.

TIP: Try a stud finder to locate nearby beams. Or review your home’s blueprints if you have them.

Step Two: Take a Seat

The best seat in the house is now hanging from your ceiling. Now it’s time for someone to claim it. First, test the weight capacity by pushing down the straps with your hand. If it doesn’t budge, you’re good to go. Hop in if everything feels secure, then get acquainted with the features. Each sex swing is different. So, you should take at least ten minutes to learn how your product works.

TIP: Use this time to check for factory flaws, missing parts, and damages from shipping or handling.

Step Three: Get Comfortable

Next, begin adjusting the straps to suit your body’s dimensions. Remember, your crotch should hang between the seat straps for easier access to the goods. Then practice restricting your movements with the attached wrist and ankle cuffs. Also, make sure you have enough slack to wiggle your fingers and toes. Now relax as a lover spreads your legs wide open for maximum penetration.

TIP: Be generous with the lube and numbing spray because you’re hunting nooks and crannies tonight.

You can hang a sex swing for the night and then take it down before morning. That’s because most of them use very few solid parts. They’re mostly nylon or polyester straps sewn together with heavy-duty threads. So, they can fit easily under the bed or in a closet. Plus, you don’t have to remove the hook between sessions. Buy hardware that coordinates with your home décor for discreet conveniences.

The Primary Features

All sex swings are different. So, they each have unique features. However, you can expect to find similarities regardless of what you buy. The primary design consists of seat straps to suspend a partner. So, the rest of the features are only enhancements.

For instance, some models come with a detachable wrist and ankle cuff. Or they offer seat straps with extra padding. Those products are perfect for customized BDSM and big-bodied beauties. But tailored sex swings are usually more expensive and challenging to install. So, try to stick with the basics until you learn the ropes (literally).

Many swings and slings for sex come with a limited manufacturer’s warranty. Yet, the coverage doesn’t pay for user negligence. And that means you have to read and follow the instructions. But if you buy your supply from disreputable vendors, the owner’s manual could go missing. Meanwhile, incorrect or inexperienced use of a sex swing can be dangerous. And your genitals don’t deserve that kind of punishment.

The Pros and Cons of Sex Swings

Nothing is perfect, not even a product that makes you weightless during sex. A 360-degree swing for intercourse sounds like a wet dream. And everything thrilling has a little danger involved. But here are some things you should consider before the next climax:


  • You can enjoy endless positioning possibilities with a single product.
  • Experience more satisfying orgasms and targeted stimulation.
  • The materials are generally easy to clean and maintain.
  • Foldable designs make storage more convenient and discreet.
  • Suspension products are perfect for people with disabilities.


  • The straps can become uncomfortable after a while or leave faint bruises.
  • You can’t hang sex swings in all houses regardless of your weight.
  • Some users might weigh too much for standard materials.

One thing about swings for sex is that they’re safer than they look. High-quality models are carefully engineered to provide a thrill without getting you killed. But easy access to the sweet spot isn’t an excuse to skip the lube or forget your manners. So, always be courteous to the person in chains. And immediately stop if anyone uses the safe word.

Things to Find

Try to find swings with additional padding where it counts the most. That way, you can play for longer without bearing the marks of your dirty secrets. Look at products with lined wrist and ankle restraints for the best experience. Or find something with an enhanced cushion for the toosh. It will make your sensations more intense by eliminating discomfort.

TIP: Measure your body, then match those dimensions to the swing’s strap range.

Things to Avoid

Avoid poor-quality materials in favor of lower prices. Cheaper products could rip or tear in the middle of your session, causing an accident or injury. So, pay a little more for high-quality stuff. Then enjoy years of fun without having to spend your money again. But don’t forget to register the warranty just in case.

TIP: Prevent damage and cut costs by returning your swing to storage after each use.

How to Be a Swinger Tonight

Become a swinger without cheating on your partner. And achieve more daring feats while avoiding the emergency room. It’s as simple as 1-2-3: hang a sex swing, take a seat, and adjust the straps to fit your fanny. The primary purpose of a swinging sex chair is to support two bodies in motion. So, be sure yours does its job. And always check for studs before installation.

Meanwhile, consider sex slings and versatile sex furniture if you can’t hang a swing in your house. You won’t be able to do all the same things, but at least you won’t get hurt. And some chairs also feature mounting holes for your favorite sex toys. That means you can use hands-free or interactive devices instead. The point is to explore every option in the room, from floor to ceiling.

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