Secret Signs of Swingers: Find Out Without Revealing Yourself

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Demystifying the “Secret Signs” of Swingers

The swinging lifestyle is full of juicy urban myths! Due to the still-lingering stigmas around swinging, many couples feel like they have to keep their lifestyle a secret from family and friends. This ultimately prevents them from fully enjoying the experience and from connecting with other couples who share their interest. Let’s say you’re at a party and you’re chatting with a couple. The conversation is flowing nicely and you’re starting to wonder if they might be swingers. How can you find out without revealing your own secret, checking to see if they are on the best swinger app, what are the “secret signs” of swingers? 

While there are no clear signs that indicate someone is a swinger, there are plenty of myths surrounding the community. Whether you’re a long-time swinger or someone who’s just curious, we’re here to set the record straight on some of the most persistent urban legends surrounding swinging.

is pampas grass one of the secret signs of swingers

Pampas Grass

The pampas grass plant is said to have been a signal used by swingers in order to establish open relationships with other couples. Though it’s unclear whether this was ever true, the sales of these plants seem to have gone down to the association

White, Pink, and Purple in Your Garden

As we continue with the theme of gardens, white gardening rocks supposedly indicate if you are open to an evening with another couple. Pink and purple decorations in the front garden are also telling signs that it’s a swinging household. Throw down some pink flamingos if you’re into this secret sign of swingers!

Garden Gnomes

These little guys have a cute and innocent look to some people. But according to some websites, their smiles may actually be a signal for other swinger couples!

Pineapple Door Knockers

Have you ever wondered what that pineapple door knocker means? Well, apparently another tell tale sign! Seeing a house with pineapples on the door could indicate that the residents enjoy kinky fun. Even if you are not a swing enthusiast yourself, you can’t deny the allure and mystery of the pineapple door knocker. Next time you see one, remember: it’s not just a fruit, but could be an indication of sexual adventure!

are black rings a secret swingers sign

Are different types of jewelry secret signs of swingers?

Is it safe to assume that people wearing black rings are open to meeting other swingers? According to lifestyle host Cooper Beckett, it’s a telltale sign that many swingers accept as truth.

Our opinion is that it’s just another urban legend! But if you’re feeling adventurous and you see someone wearing a black ring, why not start a conversation and see where it leads? You might just be surprised.

We all know that swingers like to have a good time. Anklets, toe rings, and thumb rings are sometimes seen as a symbol of an alternative lifestyle, and we can see why. These are probably nothing more than fun and sexy items to add some spice to your look. Nevertheless, some say it is a sign of your openness to new sexual experiences.

There are also those who believe changing your wedding ring to the right hand another one of the secret signs of swingers. We aren’t certain whether that’s true or not, but we do know that it adds quite a bit of intrigue. If you’re seeking a subtle way to showcase your swinger lifestyle, why not choose one (or all) of these jewelry items? Who knows, you might like the attention they bring.


The most common way swingers signal their interest in the lifestyle is by wearing wristbands. Lifestyle clubs, like, often give out these bands, and they might be a good indication that someone is interested in swinging. A wristband is not a guarantee that a person is a swinger, but it’s a far more likely sign than some of the other “secret signs” circulating out there. So if you see someone sporting a wristband, there’s a good chance they might be open to a little fun… if you play your cards right.

Other “Secret Signs” of Swingers

Even more innocuous things like having a fire pit or hot tub in your yard can be a secret swinger sign that you’re up for some fun. Or maybe that couple with the yin-yang tattoo is into some kinky stuff. And of course, there’s always the classic flamingo in the front yard. While these may just be urban legends, they definitely add an element of excitement to everyday life. 

These “secret signs” of swingers might just be urban legends surrounding the swinger community, and there is no guarantee that they actually mean anything. However, it can’t hurt to be aware of them, just in case! If you’ve decided to give swinging a try, they might even lead to unexpected fun.

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