Nail that First Impression: Tips to Get a Good First Impression in Partners

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February 8, 2020
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February 11, 2020

If you’re hoping to score that date, you’ve got to be appealing – not just in pictures, but also in your overall appearance and your movement as a whole. As such, especially if you’re entering the dating scene, it’s important to remember that first impressions count and you’ve got to spend every moment right if you want to make people enamored with your appearance and attitude.

This article explores the many tips and tricks you can do to achieve that first impression. And you can get that instant appeal with some tips below:

  • Build your confidence, and believe in what you’re capable of. We know, this seems more motivational than something that benefits first impressions, but great things also start from the inside. Flashy clothes and a great body won’t work in your favor if you don’t know how to carry yourself. As such, if you want to make a good first impression to anyone you’re planning on meeting, it helps to do a bit of reflection and meditation so you can recognize what assets and positive qualities you have so you can amplify them. Likewise, it can also help to determine what negative qualities you have so you can work on them.
    • Learn how to assert yourself during the date. This doesn’t mean be forceful and rude, but rather remember that your date is likely as nervous as you are. And it helps them to open up if you show you’re comfortable in their presence as well. Try to think of topics you and your date would be interested in, and don’t hesitate to open up questions on different topics for discussion.
    • If you’re nervous prior to a date, try to imagine yourself “mentally preparing” for the occasion. Try to imagine as though you’re building confidence with every piece of clothing you’re wearing. Remember, your fashion can be an extension of yourself. Don’t “force” a new attitude out of you, but rather try to look forward to the date enthusiastically so it also shows in how you act and talk.

  • Work on your physical appearance to build a rocking physique. If you want something that instantly grabs the attention of people with you, it’s a rocking body. Let’s face it, if you have a good body, you’ll most likely attract a lot of people physically – and that’s already making a great first impression. You don’t necessarily have to torture yourself to look fit, though. Rather, you need to be fit in order to be healthy enough and sustain a lifestyle where you have to juggle your personal responsibilities, your workload, and meeting other people as well.
    • Physical exercise allows us to sculpt our body in the way we want it to look. This means bigger biceps, better abs, and even fuller backs and shoulders. If you thought getting a “toned” body can make you feel attractive, it can make you feel much better to actually work your way towards achieving this body. 
    • Exercise doesn’t just help you look better, but also feel better. Physical fitness can help your body release endorphins or feel-good neurotransmitters, allowing you to feel much better and more confident about yourself. Not only that, this also strengthens the brain – preserving brain function and preventing cognitive decline as we age. 

  • Consider personal hygiene all the time. When you see guys and gals that are barely 5s and 6s get comfortable with their dates, it’s most likely out of personal hygiene. If you’re especially looking for people to eventually form relationships, you should pay close attention to your personal hygiene. Clean teeth, pleasant breaths, and generally showered bodies help your preparations pay off as they help your body shine. Aside from the usual tips of building your body and improving your confidence, level up your hygiene game with great skincare, closer attention to dental health, and generally looking much cleaner for that added boost in appeal.
    • Never ever underestimate the power of good hygiene! This might be automatic, but never forget to take your showers, and to wear deodorant before you go out of the house. Keep your eyes and your ears clean, and wear clean clothing at all times. These all seem things you should know already – but you don’t know when you’ll be meeting a cute girl or a handsome guy on the street as you go home from the supermarket, so you always have to be ready. In speaking of, 
    • Always keep your personal hygiene essentials on hand. Bring extra toothbrush and toothpaste for emergency interactions, or even mints whenever you have to talk with others. Also bring wet wipes, alcohol, and even skincare essentials should you have impromptu meetings with friends and even dates. This allows you to always be prepared for interactions without feeling awkward. That’s right –  you can still spend days playing car games, and still be prepared as soon as your crush invites you to the bar.

  • Dress for practicality and comfort, instead of pure style. When we see models pull off complicated clothes, they’re hardly people to be the basis of what you’ll wear on a date because, well, models don’t even wear these clothes everyday. When you choose clothes to wear, still choose clothes based on practicality and comfort. Remember, it’s when you wear comfy clothes that you can get confident enough to be yourself and actually use your natural assets to impress your date. Always keep this in mind when choosing clothes to wear.
    • Try dressing for the occasion, instead of overdressing. It’s one thing to stick to a dress code, and it’s another to take things two steps at a notch. The risk here is that you’ll get unnecessary attention, plus you may not even be able to “pull” off the clothing you’ll choose. Try to stick to how you’re supposed to be dressed for the event, and alternate your clothing options from there. If you’re going to meet someone in the pub, try dressing casually. If you’re going to meet them in a restaurant, try dressing smart casual.
    • Try looking for clothes that accentuate your assets and build upon the best parts of your physique. Black always makes you look thinner, while lighter clothing makes you look much bigger. In terms of “flow,” always remember that everything wide makes you look wider, and everything vertical makes you look taller. This is why you wear stripes vertically to increase the illusion of height, while wearing stripes horizontally increases your weight. If you want to emphasize your physique, wear less accessories. Meanwhile, you can also accentuate your clothes with watches and few jewelry to add a bit of “oomph” to your appearance as well. 

Get that Impression Right: It’s All in the Attitude

Always remember that great first impressions are a balance between looks and your attitude. And when one is missing or lacking, you more or less lose the grip and the interest of the person you’re trying to date or attract. However, just because you’ve lacked these traits before doesn’t mean you lose them permanently. And if the above have shared anything, it’s that traits you consider imperfect or difficult can be attainable given enough attention or practice.

Hopefully, the above tips we’ve given are capable of helping you nail that impression. And hopefully, you can realize that you’re perfectly capable of developing and improving your traits with enough practice and personal development.

If you have more tips, feel free to share them in the comments. Goodluck!

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