Knowing Your Alcohol Limit: Tips to Drink Smart at a Swingers Party

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Introducing a little alcohol to a swingers party is a great way to help break the ice and lighten the mood. It can be useful for lowering insecurities and inhibitions and acts as a wonderful conversation starter. However, we all know that things begin to go south when people start drinking too much. That’s why it’s so important to know your limits and always drink smart, especially when you’re out at a party. 

In this article, we’re addressing the importance of knowing, and respecting your alcohol limits. Then, we’re sharing the best tips to help you drink smart every time so you can consume without worry. 

It’s Important to Drink Smart at Any Party

Everyone’s alcohol limit is different, and it’s important to be familiar with yours. This is especially true when you go out, and it’s the best way to drink smart. Take the time to calculate your alcohol tolerance, using factors like your sex, weight, and medications before you go to a party. Then, keep that limit in mind wherever you go and whenever you drink. 

girl who didn't drink smart having a hangover

3 Tips to Drink Smart No Matter Where You Are

Too much alcohol, especially when out at a swingers party, just ruins all the fun. It makes you sleepy, sick and increases your likelihood of doing something you wouldn’t normally do. Here are the top three tips to help you drink smart everywhere you go. 

1. Make Sure to Eat Before/During Drinking

The amount of food in your stomach greatly affects your blood alcohol level. Eating food before and during drinking helps slow the rate that it’s absorbed, allowing you to drink more. Some of the best foods to eat that help soak up the alcohol include:

  • Bananas
  • Greek yogurt
  • Melon
  • Avocado
  • Rice

2. Pace Yourself with Alcohol-Free Drinks

At a party, you’re likely to always have a drink in your hand. But, that doesn’t mean they all have to contain alcohol. One of the best ways to drink smart is to pace yourself, allowing the true effects to register in your brain before you start drinking again. Most experts recommend that you drink no more than one alcoholic beverage per hour, and alternate them with non-alcoholic drinks, like sparkling juice, virgin mixed drinks, and water. 

3. Count Your Drinks

One surefire way to drink smart and keep yourself safe is to keep track of your drinks. When you begin drinking mindlessly is when things get dangerous, which is why it’s important to keep count. This will help you understand how drunk you really are. The best methods to help you keep track of your drinking at a swingers party are to either keep your empty glasses nearby as you drink or to take advantage of a drink-counting app. 

partygoers being reminded to drink smart

When You Drink Smart, You Can Be Smart

Drinking too much alcohol, especially when out at a party, increases your chances of doing something you’ll regret. In a place where respect and boundaries are important, like at a swingers party, it is crucial to keep a solid head on your shoulders. It’s definitely okay to enjoy yourself, but you should never get lost. 

Besides, reminiscing on those exciting nights at swinger parties is half the fun! Don’t do something to make you forget.

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