Is Swinging Actually Healthy for a Relationship?

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March 9, 2022
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Swinging is a type of open relationship that continues to grow in popularity as time goes on. It typically involves some form of partner swapping and contributes to many healthy and active sex lives. Commonly referred to as “the lifestyle”, swingers enjoy their own online and in-person communities. And, interest in this way of living has always been high. 

Swinging is Fun, but is it Beneficial for Long-Term Relationships?

One of the primary concerns surrounding swingers is their unique way of doing relationships. Many people wonder if having sex with other people is actually beneficial for long-term relationships and marriages. And, put very simply, the answer is yes!

Swinging is incredibly beneficial for relationships, and can even lead to partners who are happier and healthier than their monogamous counterparts. In this article, we’re talking about the many ways that swinging actually benefits relationships, and why you should consider trying it today. 

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Three Facts about Healthy Relationships that Include Swinging

The great thing about swingers is that they’re not new. People have been swapping partners and having sex with others since the beginning of time. And now, we have a lot of research into this way of doing things. Here are three interesting ways that data has supported swinging. 

1. Swingers Enjoy Healthier Relationships

Not only can swinging be healthy for a relationship, but the benefits may also even be more beneficial than traditional monogamy. There’s often a stigma attached to swingers and those in open relationships. However, research shows that these people often report higher sexual satisfaction, greater orgasm frequency, and better relationship satisfaction than their monogamous peers. Put simply, these people enjoy swinging and report better relationships because of it. 

2. Swingers Enjoy Better Communication

Because swingers are already engaged in a relationship type often considered “taboo”, they don’t tend to hold the same reservations as monogamists. This means that swingers are more likely to open up about their sexual kinks and desires with their partner(s), because they don’t hold that same fear of judgment. This open transparency is a huge benefit for communication, and one of the main reasons why swinging can be advantageous for a relationship. Philosopher Carrie Jenkins says it best:

Non-monogamy forces you to learn how to communicate openly and honestly with your partner(s) about awkward things, because otherwise it just doesn’t work. There’s no default script to fall back on. You have to define what you are doing for yourself.

3. Swingers Enjoy More Personal Growth

Swinging, and non-monogamy, in general, is so much more than better sex and greater orgasms. It’s also a journey of personal discovery, introspection, and self-questioning. It is an opportunity for people to free themselves from the unconscious societal beliefs they held for so long. Throughout their experiences, most swingers are forced to examine their own personal boundaries, shadows, and limiting beliefs. Swinging has an emotional side too, and it can be difficult to work through. But, it is through these challenges that those in non-monogamous relationships enjoy the best personal growth and development. 

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Introducing Swinging to Your Relationship

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been with your partner for two years or twenty, swinging can be introduced into a relationship at any time. And, you can both enjoy the benefits for years to come. Check out the SwingTowns blog to get some tips on introducing swinging into your relationship, and enjoy the journey together!

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