How to Know if I’ll Regret Swinging

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August 29, 2022
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September 10, 2022

A growing number of modern relationships are beginning to take on a shape of their own. Gone are the days of widespread monogamy, as the younger generations continue to choose more open relationships. The swinger lifestyle is getting a facelift! But, how do you know if this lifestyle is for you? And, what happens if you regret swinging?

In this article, we’re talking about regret in the swinger lifestyle. We’ll be discussing why people actually regret swinging and ways you can avoid feeling it. Then, we’ll help you learn to respond appropriately if you do find yourself feeling regret. 

Why Do People Regret Swinging?

While the swinger lifestyle is mostly filled with good feelings and fun times, there can be some instances where emotions like guilt, shame, and regret pop up. It’s important to work through them when they do. Most people find themselves feeling regret as a swinger because they rushed into things, didn’t respect boundaries, or are still overcoming societal pressures. 

It’s important to remember that the swing lifestyle requires a mental shift for most people. Because of this, going slow is incredibly important for preventing regret.

man feeling regret swinging

Tips to Avoid Feeling Regret after Swinging

Truly preventing feelings of regret isn’t totally guaranteed. As mentioned above, jumping into the swinger lifestyle requires a mental shift. It can be helpful for you and your partner to prepare before your first swinging experience though. Some helpful methods for getting started without regret are to:

  • Take Time to Prepare Yourselves

What are your expectations for your first swinging experience? It’s important to talk through these with your partner so you can prepare yourself realistically. Remember, just as you and your partner have goals and fantasies, the other couple does, too. You’re not getting ready to head to a porn set. Make sure that your expectations and desires are in line with that. 

  • Talk about Your Boundaries

Desires and fantasies are fun, but boundaries are required. These are hard limits and rules that you don’t want to be broken. Some common swinger boundaries are:

  • No Kissing
  • Soft Swap Only
  • Same Room Only
  • Protection Required
  • Safewords are Mandatory

How to Respond if You Do Regret Swinging

Despite all the preparation and discussion beforehand, you might still find yourself wrestling with feelings of regret after your first swinging experience. That’s okay! It’s important to honor your feelings and to work through them by dissecting them and talking them through with your partner. Resist the urge to entertain “I’ll never do that again” thoughts in this state of mind, but instead, believe in your capacity to grow and give yourself some time to work through the feelings. 

Every swinging experience isn’t going to be one of our wildest dreams, but each one offers something to teach us. 

couple overcoming regret swinging

You Can be Successful in the Swinger Lifestyle

Even if you do regret swinging after the first or second time, you can still be a successful swinger! Not everyone is a professional from the start. And, difficult feelings are a normal part of releasing societal inhibitions and standards. 

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