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Polyamory is more popular than ever before, and it’s no wonder why: everything about dating is changing! It’s not just a world for singles anymore. Sexy people everywhere are saying goodbye to archaic ideas about romantic and sexual relationships to find what works for them. Even singles are interested in the ~more than two~ life. Plus, popular non-monogamous dating sites like SwingTowns make it super easy to connect with local open-minded hotties, make friends, hook up, and find love. But you don’t have to jump into the dating game right away! Many people get started simply by joining local poly groups to get a feel for the community and learn more about the lifestyle. Here’s how you can get connected with yours. 🙂

How to Search for Polyamory Groups

Finding local polyamory groups is as easy as signing up for a popular poly dating site and searching by region! Only a few websites have this option, and SwingTowns is one of them (and unlike other sites, SwingTowns offers this feature for FREE). That means you don’t have to waste time on Google popping out searches for things like poly, non-monogamy, consensual non-monogamy, open, open relationships, blah, blah, blah. By tapping a few keys, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at SwingTowns!

We also offer many useful resources that present in-depth information about the poly lifestyle, the dynamics of relationships, family, sex, communication, time management, and more on our blog! This is definitely something to check out as you begin your journey.

What to Consider Before Joining Local Poly Groups

When you join a poly group, it is important to be honest about what you want. Don’t be afraid to communicate and ask questions, to see what type of poly relationships there are. Just be sure you’re actually insterested in polyamory (which is about having more than one intimate relationship with others) and not something more sex-oriented like swinging. And don’t expect the transition to be easy! Like one journalist wrote in the Independent, “While the boundaries in polyamory are different from monogamous relationships, they do still exist – whether by defining who can enter into a relationship or putting limits on how much time can be spent with each partner.” The emotional experience of having more than one partner is complex and, for those who don’t prepare, overwhelming. Take things slow.

All relationships require a great deal of work, be them monogamous or polyamorous. Communication and honesty play a great role in both and this is something that you should keep in mind before you decide to join local poly groups. Polyamory is a consensual and ethical for of non-monogamy where everyone involved is on the same page. Be prepared to do a lot of work–and to have a LOT of fun!

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