How to Be a Hotwife All the Time

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March 27, 2022
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Is your husband turned on by the idea of watching you have sex with someone else? Then, he might want you to be a hotwife!

A hotwife is a woman who has sex with men outside of the relationship with her husband’s consent and encouragement. She often has multiple male partners and frequently fulfills fantasies and desires held by both her and her husband. The hotwife really is a hot wife

Should You be a Hotwife?

Taking the leap and becoming a hotwife doesn’t look the same for everyone. There are no requirements, and this relationship style can be tailored to your unique boundaries and desires. But, there is one common denominator among all hotwife relationships, and that’s sex with other men. 

Determining whether you’re comfortable with being a hotwife is something that definitely deserves your attention before jumping right in. However, taking on this role can be a deeply fulfilling experience for you and your husband. 

hotwife with another man in the dark

3 Tips for Being a Hotwife in and Out of the Bedroom

So, you’ve decided to become a hotwife? Good for you!

One of the most important things about carrying this title is to take on the role entirely. Allow yourself to be a hotwife both in and out of the bedroom. This is one of the best ways to keep your husband on his toes and allow for continuous sexual energy to flow between you both. Here are the top tips for being a hotwife all the time. 

  • Strut Your Confidence

One of the biggest turn-ons for any man is a woman with confidence. Now, you want to exude that energy even more. Remember how sexy you truly are, and strut your stuff with your head held high! 

Dress on the sexy side, just because. 

Wear those cheeky panties, only for you. 

And, don’t be afraid to stroke your ego a bit. A confident woman is a sexy one. And, you want to be as sexy as they come. 

  • Take a Little Control

You already have a good idea of what your husband likes in the bedroom. Now, you have your chance to show him. While he’s watching you in the heat of the moment, take the opportunity to perform one of your signature moves. Or, make direct eye contact with him while being penetrated by someone else. 

Don’t be afraid to take a little control as the hotwife in the relationship. This is one of the best ways for connecting with your man. 

  • Tease Your Husband Regularly

For a hotwife, nothing is better than a husband who always carries some sexual charge. It keeps the relationship fun and exciting, even in everyday life. And, it leaves you both hungry for your next sexual experience together. You can also experiment with hotwifing to tease your husband. 

For instance, schedule time for you and another man to be deep in the throes of passion when your husband gets home from work. Or, have him leave as your husband arrives, while you wait in bed. Dreaming up ways to tease your husband should be in the job description of a hotwife.

hotwife standing in the window

Being a Hotwife is an Exciting Experience for Both Partners

You should love being a hotwife so much that you want to fulfill the role all the time. That’s because, becoming a hotwife should be a fun, thrilling addition to your relationship. It’s important to do your research first though, to ensure a safe and pleasurable experience for all. Start with the SwingTowns blog to learn more about hotwifing and get started with the fun. 

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