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April 24, 2020
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Traditional couples make plenty of assumptions about swingers, and with frequent comments like “swinging is just cheating with permission” [eye-roll] or “people who swing aren’t happy with their relationships” [MEGA eye-roll], it’s no surprise if you’re hesitant to start swinging.

Here’s the truth: swinging will never be the un-doing of a relationship with a solid foundation. It can take some work, but for the right couple (i.e. one that rocks at things like honesty, trust, consent, and communication) it can also be a LOT of fun.

Of course, no relationship is perfect, so how do you know if swinging is right for you? Here are some things you should know before jumping in.

How Do Traditional Couples Become Swinger Couples?

There are lots of reasons why a monogamous couple might want to try swinging, and not all of them are good. For example, some couples in a failing marriage, usually those who have lost their lust for each other, join the swinger lifestyle thinking it will fix their problems (spoiler: it doesn’t).

For these couples, any toxic feelings which were already present become exacerbated and can end things in a bad way.

On the other hand, those who are in a solid relationship, who enjoy each other in the bedroom and simply become curious about expanding their sexy horizons, meet swinger couples and have the time of their lives! These people often find that swinging leads to a more fulfilling and satisfying relationship. They discover new fantasies, develop a greater understanding of their sexualities, and become closer.

How to Find Swingers Club in Your Region?

Even though clubs for swingers are much more popular than they used to be, it can take some digging to find a swingers club locally — unless you use a swingers club database, that is. Luckily, SwingTowns offers one just for that purpose! Just make a free account and start searching. You can find a club for swingers nearby in a matter of minutes and start swinging as often as you want.

Of course, you’ll want to do some research first. Even solid couples can struggle with things like jealousy and boundary setting from time to time–two things you want to have sorted out before you even think about getting started. Otherwise, you may just cause problems in the long run. When you find a club for swingers near you, come up with rules and an exit plan in case things go south so you can keep your relationship on the right track!

What Do Swinger Websites Offer?

A common question among many couples who would like to adopt the swinging lifestyle is whether they should join swinger websites. And the answer is: definitely!

As great as clubs for swingers can be, swinger websites often provide a better number of couples to chat with, and thus better chances that you’ll hit it off! Not to mention, the SwingTowns blog is filled with useful information and tips for swingers. Provided you take the time to read this information when you start dating swingers, you and your partner will have better success on the lifestyle scene.

For some people, there is nothing more exciting than watching their partner doing it with someone else. If that sounds like you, it might be time for you and your partner to sign up for your free swinger membership.

What are Some Pros and Cons of Swinging?

Swinging can change you as a person. It can make you a more passionate and confident lover. It can also change your relationship for the better as it enables to explore and discover your sexuality in a way you never have. After you start swinging, it will be easier for you to discuss your sexual fantasies, emotions, and fears with your partner. This can only bring the two of you closer together. This is what makes swingers club and websites worthwhile.

All these benefits aside, swapping partners can bring drama with it, so it’s important to recognize the signs of couples who won’t make good partners.  Partners who do not trust each other, who do not have a strong relationship, and who openly express jealousy or resentment should be avoided.

Why Should You Consider Swinging?

Swinging is not only about sex, although sex is an important component. It’s about socializing, meeting new people, and creating new experiences with the person you love more than anyone: your partner. Most swinger couples are happy couples who know what they want and what they need to be happy, who refuse to have a dull relationship just for the sake of tradition and society.

If this sounds like you and your partner, then swinging is probably the lifestyle for you! Learn more about SwingTowns or sign up for your free membership now.

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