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June 19, 2020
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One thing we constantly hear as first time swingers is “Don’t do it to fix your relationship!” And it’s good advice: if you struggle with things like jealousy and communication, adding other lovers to the mix is just going to make things worse. But that’s only because there were problems to begin with. Couples who start with a solid foundation experience more of the things that already make their relationship great, and vice versa. They join swingers groups and find that their bond grows stronger.

There’s even more trust, fun, and lust than before!

That said, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind before jumping in.

What are Swingers Groups Like?

Depending on your fantasies and fears, you probably have all kinds of ideas about swingers groups swimming around in your head. The truth: it’s more chill than you probably expect. Swingers groups are communities of people who like to flirt and fool around, and they organize parties and go to clubs for those things specifically.

There’s swapping, making out, nudity, and (depending on the event) potentially kinkier things. But there’s also dancing, socializing, and often times, drinking. And because swingers groups are specifically for ~playtime~ you’ll find that strict rules of consent are enforced. No means no. Hence why many people, especially women, find themselves preferring swingers events to bars.

In general, swingers meet in specific clubs, or they go online to chat with local hotties. Whatever route you choose to go, joining a swinger dating site is a great place to start. SwingTowns, which has millions of members all over the globe, gives you the opportunity to connect with local swingers easily and privately wherever you are. You’ll also find a list of all the hottest swinger clubs and events near you when you sign up for your free membership.

How Popular are Swingers Groups These Days?

Though once upon a time finding swingers was complicated and messy, swinger dating sites like SwingTowns have made connecting very safe and easy. You can keep your lifestyle private while enjoying everything that your local community has to offer.

With a quick search, you can find every local swinger couple, party, and event. Many of them have dedicated websites or social media groups, so you can easily become a member and find out more information. In case you are new and don’t want to jump in too fast, you might enjoy a larger social gathering over a smaller one. There’s never any pressure to ~do~ anything you don’t want to do, regardless of the event or size, but sometimes it just feels better to blend in and observe when you’re just starting out!

What are the Rules of Swinging Groups?

Just about every swinger group out there has a set of rules and conditions to ensure that everyone enjoys their events and feels comfortable. Hygiene is a must (should be a no-brainer, but some people fail to do even the bare minimum). Many groups only allow couples or single women to attend, and single men are either not allowed or have to pay a very high fee for entrance. You want to make sure you read the rules ahead of time! Something else that’s really important: being friendly. It may not be a “rule” per se, and watching couples get it on is definitely a common and fun way to participate in the swinger lifestyle, but you want to be social too. Obviously that’s not easy if you’re an introvert, but you don’t want to come off as creepy. Smile, compliment others, and try to start up conversations. And always ask for consent!

How Will Swinging Affect Your Relationship?

Our society likes to paint sex outside of marriage as a death sentence (for the relationship, anyway). But many happy couples find that consensual non-monogamy only adds to their relationships, and makes things more exciting. It also brings many couples closer together as they put trust and boundaries into practice.

Like we mentioned at the beginning, though swinging can add to a relationship with a strong foundation, it is absolutely not a “fix” for one that is suffering. Some couples start exploring out of boredom, curiosity, or simply want to explore more aspects of their sexuality. Regardless of the reason, it is best to be supportive and understand each other’s needs. Many people are unsatisfied sexually because every person has a certain speed and kinks, but maybe their partner doesn’t share them and it is frustrating. In this situation, swinging is something to discuss and potentially explore provided everyone is on board—otherwise, you will only create more problems.

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