Hosting Cam Sex Watch Parties: A Unique Way to Begin A Swinging Session

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April 1, 2021
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If it is your turn to host a swinging party, you want to make sure it is something that people will remember for a long time to come.  Starting off with a cam sex watch party can be a good way to break the ice and help everyone get to know each other.  It is quite a unique way to begin a swinging session, and even if you are a seasoned swinger, you might not have been to a party that starts this way.  Here is everything you need to know about hosting a cam sex watch party.


Before your guests arrive set up the cams online with a company such as  They are a provider of online cams and they will help your party start with a bang. The service offers live cam sex and also free cam sex. Set up the technology in the rooms you want to use for the sex party.  You can use several rooms for this and have one or two viewing areas for your guests who would rather enjoy the view than get personally involved to start off with.  You could even have some pre-party fun with your partner to test it out.

Cam Girls

Even if you have a house full of exhibitionists, someone is going to have to get the play part of the party started.  This may not be a problem, but it is a good idea to think of a backup plan in case you need one.  Cam girls can provide some live streaming entertainment to get the party started and give your guests time to have a couple of drinks and get warmed up.  You will not need to use these girls for long and some girls offer free cam sex so you can see what you are getting. This could be a great way of starting to play.

If you don’t want to use cam girls, chat to some of your guests beforehand and ask if they would be happy to kick things off.  Again, it will help if you know some of your guests well because this will help you decide who to ask. Once you have set this up other people will take their own initiative to continue, and you can get on with enjoying the party yourself.

Party Essentials

Don’t get so carried away thinking about the sex part of the night that you forget to think about your basic party requirements.  Many people will bring their own drinks but to make sure the bar doesn’t run dry, you might want to get your own or mix some sexy cocktails.  Food is a great plaything for sexy times and looks great on cam too.  Runny or phallic food can be used to enhance play, so choose the menu carefully.

Sex Party Provisions

Don’t forget to provide some extras for your guests.  Although most of them will bring their own condoms, lube, and tissues, you will want to make sure that if you are hosting the party, you do not run out.  Stock up on provisions before the big day to make sure that you have everything your guests need on hand. Consider asking one of your guests to be a helper or take on the role yourself.  Nobody will want to get up and grab some more tissues or condoms, so it can be good if you have a designated person to help with this job.  Suggest to rotate with some of your close friends, so nobody has to miss out on the fun altogether.  You could always ask a voyeur or someone who is a little shy to help you out, as they are more likely to say yes.

Ice Breakers

The first hour or so of any party can be a little awkward as people are getting to know each other.  A sex party is no exception.  If you are the host, it may be a good idea to introduce some ice breakers at this point.  Games such as spin the bottle or twister may be a little tacky, but they are great fun, and they break the ice between couples who want to get to know each other better but are a little shy.

House Rules

As with any sex party, you need to adhere to some house rules and make sure that your guests do too.  In addition to the regular rules that you will find at most sex parties, it is a good idea to have some that relate directly to the cam part of the evening. Make sure that everyone knows you are hosting a cam sex watch party and they know which rooms contain cams. That way they can make their own decisions about whether they want to play in these rooms or not. Make it clear that the party will feature live cam sex only, as nobody wants the videos going out unsolicited on the internet and there may be huge lawsuits if this were to happen.  As the host, you are responsible for this, so make sure everyone is playing by the rules by setting them from the outset.

Some people like to be exhibitionists and others prefer to be voyeurs.  Decide how much voyeurism you are happy to accept.  The last thing you want if you are hosting a cam sex party is to have too many people wanting to watch and nothing for them to watch.  Set some rules as to whether they must join in at some point to watch or you may find your party is not the great success you wanted it to be.  This can also work in reverse if you have invited a lot of exhibitionists, but this will not be as much of a problem.  It can help if you know the mix of people you have invited before the big day and you have got an idea about what they are into.  However, this is not always possible, so house rules are a must.

Hosting a cam sex watch party can be a fantastic way to begin a swinging session and help your party go wonderfully.  Have fun.

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