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February 11, 2020
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February 12, 2020

Whether you are planning a weekend in Berlin, a summer holiday on the French Riviera, or a road trip around northern Italy, in Europe you won’t be short of options for swinging.

In Europe, “swinging” is something which brings together many naturist spas, discos, nudist beaches, fetish parties, resorts, and other forms of socializing and entertainment.

Swinging in Europe: each country is unique

As with pretty much everything else in Europe, each country comes with its own style, flavour and, of course, specificities. For example, in Italy, single girls frequenting such open places are virtually unheard of. This, however, is not at all the case in Scandinavian countries or Germany, where you are likely to encounter an almost equal number of single men and single women.

Clubs in the Netherlands are well-known internationally and are often frequented by foreign visitors. This is not so much the case in other European countries. The crowd can also vary – some places are more attractive to people in their late forties and older, while some cater to a younger crowd.

Dress codes can also vary to a great extent and something which would be super normal in Germany may be a no-go in Spain. This is why it is very important to check these things beforehand.

Hedonomads: Your International Hedonistic Lifestyle Guide

Hedonomads – a website curated by a European couple, Ariana & Teseo – is your must-visit stop as you are getting ready for exploring the European swinging landscape. Europe is not the largest of continents out there, but when it comes to its swinging scene, it’s definitely the most diverse and in many ways one of the most open ones.

Check out their blog to find out what some of the best-known European cities have to offer to swingers and other lifestyle aficionados, why countries such as Denmark, Germany and Italy are worth visiting – besides what you can read in a guidebook, or if you are not sure where best to land, check the Hedonomads swinger club map and maybe it gives you some inspiration!

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Twitter: @Hedonomads

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Arianna & Teseo
A 30-something couple from Europe passionate about travel and libertine lifestyle, happy to share on their blog travel & play experiences.

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