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You might’ve heard of them before or maybe you’re completely new to the concept. But, believe it or not, sex parties are happening all around you, all the time. This guide is for those interested in attending their first sex party. 

In this article, we’re talking about what a sex party actually is and how different they all can be. Then, we’re sharing the top tips to help you have an enjoyable first-party experience.

What is a Sex Party?

Sex parties are exactly as they sound. The main focus of these events is sex and sexual experiences. In other ways, sex parties are a lot like regular parties as well, with dancing, drinking, and socializing. 

The Main Types of Sex Parties

Not all sex party is the same, though. In fact, there are different types of parties that serve unique purposes of their own. The most common types of parties are:

Meet & Greet (Social) Parties

A social party is most like a regular party. These events are designed for event participants to get to know each other and whether they’d be interested in playing with each other. 

Play Parties

Play parties are generalized parties where people of all genders, sexualities, and relationship styles find each other. They are designed for sexual play, with lots of space for comfort and audience formation. 

Swinger Parties

Swinger parties are designed for swinging couples. Singles are not usually welcome at these parties and a lot of different types of swapping happen here. 


Orgies are the most “wild” of all sex parties. Here is where you’ll find a tangle of legs and arms in a sea of pleasurable moans and screams. Consent is still important here.

woman relaxing at her first sex party

Tips for Attending Your First Sex Party

As we’ve established, your first party could look very different depending on the type of party you choose. They are all designed to act as primarily safe places for casual sex. Here are some tips before scheduling your first one.

  • Pay Attention to the Rules

Besides prioritizing consent, many parties create and enforce a list of their own rules. Some common rules you might see include:

  • Bring your own alcohol/protection
  • No photography/cellphones allowed
  • Respect boundaries of participants
  • No means no
  • Get Tested for STIs

If you aren’t quite sure of your STI status, it’s a good idea to get a full panel done before your first sex party. Many party regulars get tested once every 3 months to stay safe. Most parties don’t require paperwork that proves you’re clean, but this is a responsible step to take for everyone’s protection. 

protection setup for first sex party

Attending Your First Sex Party Should be an Exciting Experience

It’s okay to be nervous before attending your first party, but knowing what to expect can really help ease your anxieties. This should be a fun, enjoyable experience. So, know the rules. Go with the flow. And, stay as sober as possible so you can remember all the fun you had tomorrow. 

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