Edging and Orgasm Control: Two Surprising Benefits

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February 17, 2022
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For many people, the ultimate goal when having sex is to orgasm as quickly as possible. But, through concepts like edging and orgasm control, others are proving that rushing to the end may not be the best way to do things. In fact, doing so may deprive us of pleasurable sensations and intense levels of excitement. 

In this article, we’re going to take a deeper look at edging, what it is, and how it’s often done. Then, we’re covering two surprising benefits this practice may have on your sex life. 

What is Edging?

Edging is a type of orgasm control, which means exactly what it sounds like – controlling the timing of your (or a partner’s) orgasm. Orgasm control can look different depending on the goal in mind. However, the main purpose of it is to intentionally delay and prolong the onset of an orgasm. 

The duration of edging can vary, depending on the couple. The practice typically involves bringing a person to the brink of orgasm, then slowing down or completely stopping any stimulation altogether. Once the orgasmic sensations have faded, stimulation starts up again. The process can then be repeated again and again. Edging can go on for minutes, hours, or even days/weeks, depending on the power dynamics of the relationship. 

woman edging in bed

Surprising Benefits of Orgasm Control

When discussing the concept of edging, many people may find themselves thinking “Why would I ever want to do that?” But, believe it or not, it actually has some impressive benefits. Not only is the practice wonderful for helping you connect with your partner in a more intimate way, but there is also scientific research popping up on the topic all the time. Sex experts reveal that edging practices may even be beneficial for resolving erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. 

Here are two additional benefits of edging that may leave you feeling surprised.

  • Controlling Your Orgasm Helps You Understand Your Body

Regardless of whether it’s done by yourself or with a partner, orgasm control can be incredibly beneficial for helping you to understand your own body. The practice of edging grants you with increased presence and control. You become more aware of the sensations your body is experiencing, and are able to determine where and when the orgasm actually takes place. This gives you deeper knowledge into the moves that work right for you and the areas that feel really good. 

  • Edging Can Increase the Pleasure from Your Orgasm

More than increasing your awareness though, edging can actually intensify the pleasure typically felt from an orgasm. Not only does the sexual encounter typically last much longer, with the start and stop methods commonly seen in edging, but the sensations also tend to be more strengthened. The reason for this, says sex coach Cam Fraser, is the continuous building of sexual tension, which results in more pleasure, more intense orgasms, and even more ejaculate. These impressive advantages are probably related to the fact that, through edging, your parasympathetic nervous system is heightened, blood flow is increased, and your psyche begins craving sexual satisfaction. 

couple practicing edging

How to Get Started with Edging

Orgasm control is not something that requires a partner. It is a sexual practice you can begin exploring yourself first, and then opening up to your partner about. When you do decide to try edging with a partner, make sure to keep communication open and honest. This is the best way to familiarize yourself with the most pleasurable sensations. And, don’t forget to check out the SwingTowns blog for other kinky ideas to try in the bedroom tonight.

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