Common Mistakes New Swingers Make and How to Avoid Them

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September 6, 2022
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For new swingers, the open world of alternative relationships is an exciting one. It’s a place free of societal constructs and bounds on love. It’s also a place where some devastating mistakes can be made. In this article, we’re going to talk about them. 

We’re covering the importance of research for new swingers and why they should take time before jumping into the lifestyle. Then, we’re discussing three of the most common mistakes that new swingers make when rushing or being careless. Finally, we’ll be sharing some advice on ways that you can avoid these cringe-worthy mistakes in your life and relationship. 

Research is the Most Important Tool for New Swingers

As we mentioned above, opening a relationship can be quite an exciting step for new swingers. It’s one that requires some careful consideration though, and should never be rushed. The reason for this is because the swing lifestyle is just that – a new lifestyle. It is something that demands research and preparation. Before simply jumping into the lifestyle and seeing where it goes, you and your partner should research and discuss some of the most important topics, like:

  • Your fantasies
  • Your limits
  • The lingo within the lifestyle
  • Safety precautions you’d like to take

new swingers starting in the lifestyle

Careless Mistakes Often Make by New Swingers

The issue with simply diving in before doing your research is that you’re bound to make mistakes. And, when it comes to your relationships and sex life, this is nothing to play around with. Here are some of the most common mistakes made by new swingers that weren’t prepared. 

  • Getting too Intoxicated

Most swingers like to have a drink or two in order to loosen up and lower their inhibitions a little. But, new swingers should never go beyond that. Drinking too much can make it more likely that you will cross boundaries and limits set when you were in a sober state of mind. Avoid silly blunders and mistakes by keeping a clear head on your shoulders. 

  • Not Communicating or Asking for Permission

As your swinging journey grows, your comfort level is likely to increase. This could lead to you making decisions without your partner’s explicit permission or assuming you know their position on a topic you haven’t discussed. Avoid resistance or turmoil within your main relationship by prioritizing communication and checking in with each other frequently.

new swingers struggling with relationship

You Can Avoid Mistakes that Plague New Swingers

Just because you’re a new swinger doesn’t mean you have to make the mistakes of one. By preparing and doing your research, you can avoid all of the blunders and mishaps that make swinging more difficult than it needs to be. The best way to get started in your swinging journey is to:

  • Research on SwingTowns

The SwingTowns website is one of the best places to get started on your swinging journey. Our Swingers Guide is perfect for helping you identify your interests and begin finding potential partners. 

  • Communicate Your Boundaries and Fantasies

Achieve the most satisfying swinging experience by thoroughly communicating your boundaries and fantasies. Talk to your partner about what you want in a scenario, and make sure to also cover the things you don’t. 

  • Avoid the Urge to Rush

Above all else, take your time. It’s normal to feel excited about your first swinging experience, but it’s important to prioritize your safety and happiness first. Spend time ironing out the details before rushing into a mistake you might regret. 

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