Casual Sex: Deciding Whether It’s Worth it Or Not

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Sex doesn’t always happen within the confines of a monogamous marriage. Sometimes, it’s just casual sex. 

In fact, as we’ve learned at SwingTowns, sexual relationships can come in a wide range of different shapes and flavors. That’s one thing that makes the activity so enjoyable: it’s so easy to tailor it to your own desires and fantasies. And, for many people, romantic attraction is not a requirement for sex. 

In this article, we’re talking about casual sex. 

We’ll be addressing what it actually is and the ways that you can navigate these types of relationships. Then, we’re sharing the top pros and cons to consider before having casual sex to help you determine whether it’s actually worth it. 

What is Casual Sex?

For the most part, casual sex refers to sex that takes place outside the confines of a committed relationship. These encounters can happen between close friends or complete strangers, and generally lack emotional connection or expectation. Some of these sexual experiences are “one and done”, while others are ongoing. Like most sexual encounters, casual sex looks different depending on the people involved. 

couple enjoying casual sex

The Pros and Cons of Casual Sex

For many people, this type of sex sounds like the best of both worlds. It’s all the enjoyment of sex without the hard work required in a relationship. However, it’s not all rainbows and sunshine. Casual sex has its shortcomings too. Here are the top pros and cons associated with it. 

Casual Sex Pros

  • Sex is Good for You

Regardless of the agreement or attachment, sex has so many physical benefits. It’s great for reducing feelings of stress or anxiety and is wonderful for self-esteem. Sex can even be helpful for improving sleep, increasing libido, and keeping the heart healthy. Physically, it’s one of the best things that you can do regularly. 

  • No Emotional Attachment is Required

The emotional attachment that comes with a romantic relationship is hard work. It requires you to be vulnerable and to communicate your feelings. But, none of that is required in a casual sex relationship. Instead, you can both focus on all the fun that your sexual escapades bring. 

The Cons

  • The Risk of Pregnancy or STDs

You can never overlook one of the top risks associated with any sexual relationship, and that’s the risk of pregnancy or contracting an STI. Safe sex should be non-negotiable, but you always run the risk of making a mistake. Depending on the number of people you’re having casual sex with, the risk for an unwanted pregnancy or transferring an STI could be high. 

  • You Might Fall in Love

Just because there’s no emotional connection required in a casual relationship doesn’t mean one won’t happen. Because of all the oxytocin being passed around during your encounters, it’s only natural for some feelings to surface. These could be fun and light, or they could be heavy. Allow yourself to feel the feelings, and be brave enough to explore them. 

man and woman having casual sex

SwingTowns Can Help You with All Your Sexual Relationships

Navigating a casual sex relationship can be difficult. There are lots of questions and feelings that might arise. And, it can be hard to find answers. At SwingTowns, we enjoy talking about all these things, and more. Check out our Groups to learn more about casual sex and find all the answers to your questions. 

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