Can the Swinging Lifestyle Save Your Marriage?

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November 29, 2021
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December 4, 2021

Can the swinging lifestyle save your marriage?   The Lifestyle is about having fun with your partner and making up your own rules.  Rules that fit only the two of you.  There is no one-size-fits-all method to swinging and I think that is why it can save a marriage.  It promotes a greater bond with your partner in ways that may seem like an oxymoron to cynics.

5 Ways the Swinging Lifestyle Can Save Your Marriage

Confidence.  Are you feeling unattractive lately?  Sometimes just being in a swinger’s club allows you to feed off of the energy in the room; even if you never actually swap with another couple. Some have said that just going to a event, wearing sexy clothes, having other couples interact with you, is all you need to build your sexual confidence.

Arousal. Many couples have turned to medications, pornography, or books to increase their sex drive and “spice up their sex life”.  While these methods may work for some, they don’t for everyone. Being an adventurous couple in a positive environment is often more flourishing and effective.

Communication.  You and your partner decide who, when, where, and even how you will proceed into the Lifestyle.  Every detail has to be discussed and decided upon together. At first it may be awkward, uncomfortable, or even difficult — but after each decision made is put into practice, you grow stronger.  Soon, other matters in your lives will be easier to overcome because of it.

Faithfulness.  Often the offender in a marriage that struggles with infidelity can’t identity why they cheated on their partner. They love them. They want to remain married to them. However, their actions of dishonesty are usually the cause of divorce.  Swinging promotes an open-honest relationship. Thus, closing the door on betrayal and infidelity.

Peace. Escaping the mundane together allows couples to release the stress of their everyday life. When you walk into a party stressors are left at the door, but happiness is carried with you when you leave.  For many, this provides them the euphoria they need to handle whatever comes their way in their vanilla life that week/month.

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