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May 11, 2021
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Learning how to seduce your partner is the key to having a good sexual experience. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to get them into the mood for sex. Here are the best tips to make your partner horny.

1.     Talk About Likes and Dislikes

It’s important to make sure that you are communicating openly with your partner. Discuss what you like and dislike in your sex life. Be honest about the way that your partner’s actions make you feel. Talk about the way that they will be able to get you excited. Open up about any sexual fantasies. While this might seem like an awkward conversation, the more you know about your partner’s sexual preference, the easier it will be to please them sexually.

2.     Use Dirty Talk

The best way to get your lover’s attention is by talking dirty to them. As you’re doing this, you’ll want to start slow. Build the mood and increase the intensity. If you want to add more spice, you can send sexy texts throughout the day. It’s a good way of letting your partner know that you are thinking about them.

3.     Start Touching Each Other

One of the best ways to build sexual chemistry is by touching each other. This doesn’t need to be erotic. Often, just holding hands or stroking their back can be a good way to build intimacy. Try to do this at unexpected times. For example, you might want to start tracing their thigh on the coach. The stronger your bond, the more attracted you will be in the bedroom.

4.     Masturbate

There are a few reasons why masturbation is so important. First, it is linked to libido. If you haven’t had any sexual urges in a while, your libido will start to decline. This leads to less vigorous sex life. Secondly, masturbation is the clearest signal to your partner that you are ready for sex. You might want to incorporate a sex toy into this routine. A good choice is a bullet vibrator. This allows your partner to control the intensity. This can give you both sexual enjoyment, making it a good option for a long-distance relationship. If you want to explore what options are on the market, check out this useful compilation of bullet vibrators.

5.     Strip for Them

A good way of getting your partner’s attention is by stripping for them. This is a good way of initiating attention. Also, nothing is as attractive as someone demonstrating their confidence. Show that you are ready to take the lead in the bedroom. If you aren’t quite ready to strip off, you can wear sexy lingerie.

6.     Try New Things

If you’ve been with your partner for a long time, things can sometimes get a bit stale in the bedroom. The best way to overcome this is by trying some new things. There are lots of ways to add some spice to your bedroom.  For example, you might want to add some sex toys. As we discussed, vibrators can bring a lot of sexual pleasure. You might also want to try some new sexual positions.

7.     Watch Porn Together

One of the best ways to get in the mood can be watching some erotic movies. It can also be a good way to discuss your sexual preferences with your partner. Who knows, you might even get a few ideas. There are plenty of sites that specialize in creating erotica for couples.

8.     Exercise Together

Though it might sound strange, there is evidence to suggest that getting sweaty is linked to sexual arousal. You can use this to your advantage by exercising with your partner. Ideally, this will be something that will bring your bodies into contact frequently. For example, you can try yoga. If you want something more relaxing, you can give each other a massage.


Trying to get things started in the bedroom can sometimes be a challenge. But there are plenty of ways that you can get your partner in the mood. Often, when you are together for a long time, you will get to know what turns them on. Hopefully, these tips will allow you to create a more rewarding and fulfilling sex life.

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