5 Reasons You Should Have WAY More Morning Sex, Backed by Science

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Good mornings almost always lead to good days. They set the tone for everything you have to do before hitting the sheets again, so you gotta make the most of it! 

Like by having sex.

It’s not just about the good feelings you get afterward (though that’s definitely an important part of it). Actually, there are all kinds of science-backed reasons to make getting nasty part of your morning ritual. Here are a few:

A quickie a day keeps the doctor away.

Research shows that morning sex can keep you healthy in a couple of ways. One, it boosts your immune system which can help stave off sickness (don’t let your sexcapades wane during flu season)! Two, the chemicals activated by sex boost your body’s estrogen levels for better tone and texture of your skin and hair. Pretty cool, right?

You’ll get more sleep.

We all know sex is a great way to get ready for bed. The effort tires you out and releases brain chemicals that help you relax. But if you drag things on for too long, your sleep schedule can get messed up and cause a slew of days where your body is confused and tired. That’s one reason why morning sex can be a good idea! By scheduling it into your time, you don’t have to worry about staying up too late (or that you’ll be too tired to do it later).

It can make getting ready more bearable.

If you’re the type of person who has trouble dragging yourself into the shower when you wake up, morning sex can be a good motivator. Start with some foreplay in bed and lead your partner(s) to the bathroom for a quickie. Taking a shower together will also save time — and water! — so you can have a calmer start to your day.

It’s usually more fun.

Let’s say you don’t save a whole lot of time in the morning by having sex (or you just don’t feel like doing it in the shower). It’s still a good idea because being in a rush will boost your adrenaline and make the experience more exciting. Your sex will feel a little less routine and a little more should-we-really-be-doing-this intense (and that’s the best kind)!

Men can last longer in the morning.

Okay so this one won’t apply to everyone, but it’s good to note for those who do benefit. According to sex therapist Arlene Goldman, PhD, men have higher testosterone levels after they’ve had a good night’s sleep: “When men have higher testosterone and are well-rested, they have more energy during sex. That energy will help them last longer.” So if you think you or your mans could use a little help in the stamina department, morning sex is something to try!

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