4 Surprising Benefits of Morning Sex

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April 2, 2022
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Do your mornings typically start out bustling and frantic?
Do you find yourself slipping into a stressed-out mood almost immediately?
Then, you might benefit from morning sex. 

For most of us, our mornings are already considered “too full.” We have kids to get ready, work to prepare for, and about a million other things waiting on our “To-Do” lists. It’s a lot to wake up to.
And, it can start the day out on the wrong foot. 

But, for those in a relationship, there is an alternative. 

Having sex is possibly the best way to start your day and, in the mornings especially, it comes with many different advantages. In this article, we’re talking about the most surprising benefits of morning sex. 

couple cuddling after morning sex

4 Reasons to Have Morning Sex Every Day

In the beginning, squeezing morning sex into the beginning of your day might be a challenge. But, this is the perfect time for your body (and mind) to experience a release. Here are four surprising reasons to have sex every morning. 

1. Hormone Levels are Highest in the Morning

Evening/night sex might be the most popular, but your body is actually the readiest for sex first thing in the morning. This is because, throughout the night, your body creates hormones like estrogen and testosterone in preparation for the next day. This is why many people wake up with blood flowing to their genitals; it’s one of the easiest times of day to become aroused. 

2. Morning Sex is an Instant Mood Booster

Believe it or not, having an orgasm can do great things for your mood. The release of hormones and endorphins helps relieve stress and pain and is a wonderful way to start your day the right way. This means that connecting with your partner in the best way possible, first thing in the morning, can set you up for a great rest of your day. 

3. It’s the Equivalent of a Light Workout

Why drag yourself out of bed to hit the treadmill when sex acts as a workout? Sex, especially in the morning, is a great form of exercise. And, it’s one with plenty of other benefits too. Research shows that having sex burns about five calories per minute, which is the equivalent of going on a walk. Doesn’t it sound much more fun to stay under the covers and enjoy yourself? 

4. It’s a Stress Reliever

It’s stressful for your body to wake up. 

Not only do you have the entire day awaiting you, but most people’s minds are racing the second they open their eyes. There’s a reason why heart attacks are most common in the early morning hours. 

Instead of rushing straight from sleep to fully awake, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a transition activity? Morning sex is perfect! It’s a wonderful opportunity to connect with your body and your partner before facing the day head-on. 

man and woman embracing after morning sex

Morning Sex is Good for You and Your Partner

You might not be able to have sex every morning, but introducing this fun activity into your daily routine packs so many benefits. Instead of only looking at it as an evening or nighttime pleasure, start working on more sexy time in the morning. You never know how good it’ll be until you try it!

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